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Economy Update Part Two [Player Suggestions]

Oct 25, 2014 - 7:27 AM - by Cjay0091

Alright, our main system for the G.E update has been completed.

But questions still remain:

What items should have an unlimited stock?
What items should have a limited stock? How long will its timer be? How big should the personal stock be?

I want YOUR suggestions to give me a good idea. Casual and Veteran players are welcome to give their opinions!

The Next Stage
The next stage will follow a world four, beta test server. It will NOT use your saved accounts. The Beta will probably be closed to certain players, and then later opened to all players. The beta will last approximately two weeks

Thank you!
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Economy Update Idea

Oct 16, 2014 - 2:17 AM - by Cjay0091
Recently it's come to my attention that our server struggles in keeping new players. I've been pitching ideas and we finally found one that hit.

Why is our economy so weak? You have everything you need to skill, so why isn't it beneficial and profitable? Well the answer is simple, we have one NPC in the game that is the most convenient thing since bags. The oracle.

The Game Plan
Remove the oracle and all stock related to it.

The oracle has everything you need. All skills from herblore, to basic combat, to summoning, you can find anything in the oracle. Why would you buy potions from someone else who probably bought his potions from the oracle? Why should I pay more or slightly less, when the oracle is only a click away. I can buy as much as I want from the oracle and only have to wait a few seconds to meet my needs.

The Solution
The Grand Exchange. It will be modified to allow purchases at 150% of the normal price to be purchased automatically. The catch is, the stock will be limited for each player with a timer on each item respectively.

I'm buying 600 vials in the grand exchange for 150 gp. My personal stock is full (300 vials) and vials are worth 100 gp normally. MGI is selling 200 vials. I will by MGI's 200 vials first for 100 gp each. THEN my personal stock will kick in for 150 gp, but I only have 300 vials in my personal stock. Which leaves 100 vials that could be bought when my personal stock for vials resets (approx 1 hour *changes for every item*) or if someone else sells vials for a price lower than 150 gp.

The purpose of this rework is to create an economy where it's balanced between the server and player base. Currently the oracle gives an unlimited amount of resources, people buy it out and sell for a higher price. Recently I implemented an update to restore the main stocks faster, but the plan only temporarily combated this and made now that nobody can make money through merching.

Final Details
What items should be auto sold? What items should have a stock on it?

Should we have something that posts all g.e transactions on the website?
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Oct 15, 2014 - 6:46 AM - by Chaitan

Welcome to Video of The Month poll #1

First thing's first, considering the time that is required for clips, editing, etc. this will be now referred to as VOTM. Also, be sure to give this thread a quick read through before you vote for the rules, prizes, and other information if you haven't already done so.

To the poll now: Since I can't add videos to the poll, I'll number the submissions and to vote for that video you just vote for the corresponding number on the poll section. The videos will be posted in order of submission date (oldest - newest).

Here are the 5 submissions you can vote for:

Video #1 [Disqualified]

Video #2

Video #3

Video #4

Video #5

Thank you everyone who participated, helped out, supported, and donated towards the prize for VOTW#1. Also, thank you Daniel for making the title for this.

Good luck everyone!
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VOTW #1 [Submission+Explanation]

Oct 03, 2014 - 12:08 PM - by Chaitan
(This thread has been edited recently, go to the bottom to get more info)

Welcome to Video of The Week #1!

There's quite a bit to cover, so I'll get straight to it and I'll try to keep it simple.

The community channel was something that many people would have liked to see, but it was something that cannot be done after speaking to a few other staff members and taking into account different factors. Instead of a community channel, I will be hosting these as long as I consistently get submissions. Each week will have its own theme (just like SOTW) if this goes well. A while ago, Marathon Pro made an editing competition which sadly did not get too far because of a lack of submissions, I'm sure no one wants that again.

I'm not a GFX expert like Becca, so I don't have pretty titles for my threads. If anyone wants to make a VOTW title for me though, PM me it and I'll definitely edit it in


We need to get our name out there. We all know this place has so much potential, but we get drawn back due to things like lack of advertising. The other reason for this is to encourage more community interaction. This is going to be a place for you to share your moments on CX and possibly get something out of it too. Also, with the pking themed weeks, we should be getting edge wildy more active.

How This Will Work

-Once you've uploaded your video to YouTube, send me the link to watch it through a forums private message to myself
-The submission period will end once a week has passed, or 10 videos have been submitted
-Shortly after the submission period, I will post a poll and the winner has the chance at a reward (there's going to be a reward for this one for sure)


Since this is only the first one, I'm going to be adding more rules if I can think of anymore or if you guys suggest any good ones.

-Must be mature. I don't want to see a dick, or anything else immature for that matter, on the screen for even a single frame. Keep in mind these videos will represent the community.
-The videos must be made using footage from CorruptionX
-Since there's no privacy on the poll for the videos, I ask that you do not tell others to vote for you.
-Do not vote for yourself

Breaking these rules will result in disqualification from the competition.


Each VOTW will have a reward. The two reward possibilities are:

1) If the winner used editing to enhance their video, there will be an arrangement for that user to possibly get the "Video Editor" rank for a limited amount of time
2) Rewards will also be a sum of donations from players that will go to the winner of that weeks competition. If you donate any items to go towards a certain weeks winnings, I'll add your name to the page, along with what you pitched in. If you don't want your name listed, let me know and I'll swap out your name for "anonymous"

Submissions are OPEN, don't be shy. This week won't have a theme (since it's the first week), just submit any videos and this will be worked out from there. Some ideas for videos could be PvM, PvP, Promo, etc.

Deadline: Monday night (EST), October 13th is the final day for submissions OR once 10 videos have been submitted (as previously mentioned).
The poll will be posted once I have enough submissions to make for a proper competition.

So that pretty much sums it up for now, I'm half asleep so I've probably forgotten something that I'll edit in when I have time. If you have any suggestions at all, don't hesitate to reply with it. Let's make this happen.

Donations Towards This Weeks Prize
Corrupt/Chaitan - 5M
Lordlel - 5M
Dancewar - Armadyl Godsword
Anonymous "Doge Master" - 10M

*If Cjay0091 approves of your video, you may receive an agile armour set

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